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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Villagonia is a dive with beautiful pinnacles, large areas of Posidonia sea grass and plenty of fish.

Name Dive Site:Villagonia
Depth: 3-24m (9-78ft)
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Situated along Capo Taormina, dive site Villagonia starts in a small sandy lagoon divided from the plateau by a big forest of Posidonia sea grass. Outside the reef table, directly in front of the lagoon, you can find some beautiful pinnacles. This is often surrounded by red and black anthias and silver sides who are hunted in flashes of silver by rainbow runners. A shallow plateau descends dramatically into a sandy wall with pinnacles. On a longer dive it is possible to see schools of barracudas near the wall. If dived as a shallow dive, the Posidonia sea grass is magically weaving a path between 3 to 10m with a series of pinnacles at the top of the slope.

The best dive follows the drop off at around 20m deep towards the headland, returning to the boat by a direct ascend with an anchor line or along the wall. The shape of the sandy bottom dictates that currents run towards the south. Therefore, take care not to be swept away from your boat at the moorings. The headland at Capo Taormina catches a lot of current and makes a great drift dive in either direction.

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