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  1. Secca della Colombara : Secca della Colombara is known for its steep wall diving and huge pelagic marine species often dived with.
  1. Naxos : Tourists will like the beaches and scuba diving near Naxos.
    1. Black Coral Garden : Black Coral Garden is one of the best dives in Naxos Bay, one which should not be taken lightly.
    2. Calcara : Calcara is a nice dive with healthy reefs and excellent hard corals.
    3. Capo Schiso : The previous Etna eruption has formed Cape Schiso providing divers with a surreal underwater landscape.
    4. Golfo di Patti Wreck : The Golfo di Patti was an Italian tourist ferry that sank because of a storm in the harbor of Naxos.
    5. Greek Bay : Greek Bay is a great muck and mini pinnacle dive with plenty of broken amphoras.
    6. Naxos Beach : Naxos Beach is a great shallow shore dive perfect for certified divers as well as trainees.
    7. Teocle : The blue lagoon with white sand is the start and end of dive site Teocle.
    8. Villagonia : Villagonia is a dive with beautiful pinnacles, large areas of Posidonia sea grass and plenty of fish.
      1. Taormina : The attractive village of Taormina is known for its scenic views with the popular scuba island Isola Bella nearby.
        1. Angelo's Cave : Dive spot Angelo's Canyon consists out of several caverns, caves that have several exits.
        2. Atlantis Bay : Atlantis Bay is a great dive site named after a similar named hotel on the coast.
        3. Canyon del Diablo : The Canyon del Diablo is a large cave only dived in calm weather conditions and surrounded by pretty reefs.
        4. Capo saint Andrea : The reefs and coral gardens near Capo st Andrea are excellent for drift diving.
        5. Capo Taormina : Capo Taormina is a superb flat dive just south of Mazzaro Bay.
        6. Greek Temple : The Greek Temple is a relatively new and not easy to find dive site in the center of Naxos Bay.
        7. Grotta Azzurra Wall : The Grotta Azzurra Wall is a very pristine drop-off with loads of different species of fish.
        8. Grotta dell' Aria : The Grotta dell'aria is a nice cave accessible by small groups or it will get to crowded.
        9. Grotto Azzurra, Blue Cave : The Blue Cave or Grotta Azzurra is a fantastic with shrimps filled cave where you can end your dive on a fantastic walls.
        10. Isola Bella : Isola Bella is located inside Taormina's Marine Reserve and therefore popular for its aquatic diversity.
        11. Mazzaro Bay : Mazzaro Bay offers a white sandy bottom and simple coral blocks making it a paradise for juvenile fish.
        12. Mermaid Rock : Mermaid Rock is a nice and diverse dive site with a nice drop-off, plenty of marine life and several simple caverns.
        13. Roman Columns : Wreck of the Columns is an old Roman wreck that sank while transporting huge blocks of marble out of Africa.
        14. Tunnel del Diablo : The Tunnel del Diablo or Shrimps Cave is a wicked clear and small cave filled with thousands of shrimps.
        15. Zio Gennaro Rock : Diving at Zio Gennaro Rock is a mix of a superb wall, dark chimney and waving sea fans.
      2. Trapani : Trapani offers a wide range of historic highlights and with the Egadi Islands nearby it is also a popular scuba diving destination.
        1. Arch Cave : A 15 meter high arch marks the entrance to dive site the Arch Cave.
        2. Cala Rossa Shoal : Cala Rossa Shoal makes a great dive as shallow as 10 meter deep with plenty of underwater sights.
        3. Capua Wreck : The Capua Wreck is an old wreck dating from WWII with interesting spots as the engine room and cargo holds.
        4. Cataratta Wall : Cataratta Wall is a steep drop-off with false black coral on the shoal of Catarratta.
        5. Chimney Cave : The dive Chimney Cave offers a great tunnel between 18 and 35 meter.
        6. Columns Cave : The Columns Cave has stalac- and stalagmites, several kinds of shrimp and fantastic light shows.
        7. Kent Wreck : The cargo of the vessel Kent is spread out at the ocean floor at depths up to 50 meter.
        8. Perciata Cave : The Perciata Cave, meaning white hole, is known for its amount of natural light coming through the ceiling.
        9. Punta Negra Wall : Red fan corals and plenty of marine life are some of the key features while diving Punta Negra Wall.
        10. Skull Wall : Dive site Skull Wall receives its name from two holes in a rock resembling the eyes of a skull.
        11. Spring Water Cave : The Spring Water Cave offers a great halocline between fresh and salt water.
        12. Torre dell'Usciere : The wall of Torre dell'Usciere is a pretty but typical Sicilian dive site.
        13. Usciere Tower : Usciere Tower offers a nice wall, pelagic species and is easily reached from shore.
        14. Venus Lake : Venus Lake is a beautiful natural pool littered with boulders.
            1. Grotta Niedda : Scuba diving at the extensive network of underwater tunnels and caves of Grotta Niedda is a great adventure.
            2. Maddalena : Scuba diving at the protected Marine Park of the Maddalena Archipelago is fantastic offering a wide array of marine life.
                  1. Tavolara : The Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Park provides Sardinia with a superb and rich underwater scuba world.
                      1. Portofino :
                        1. Christ of the Abyss :
                        2. Isuela Reef :
                        1. Rome :
                          1. Pozzo del Merro : The Pozzo del Merro or Merro Sink Hole is with almost 400 meter deep the deepest flooded sinkhole in the world.
                        1. Apulia, Puglia :
                          1. HMS Quail : The large British destroyer HMS Quail is the most popular nitrogen wreck dive in all of Italy.
                          2. HMS Regent : You will never forget a dive on the British WWII submarine HMS Regent.